Jyojo Dancer

{October 20, 2013}   shell


{October 20, 2013}   mask purse for cardboard ball


{October 20, 2013}   TP rolls

TP rolls

{October 18, 2013}   Campy bracelet

Campy bracelet

{October 18, 2013}   Siblings


{October 18, 2013}   Luna


{October 18, 2013}   groove

{October 18, 2013}   mask making

mask making

{March 31, 2013}   then/now

a black and white (k)night

my crazy neighbor knocking

daddy rescues me


colors swirl in vastness

faces remind me of leaves

in their forms dancing

{March 26, 2013}   Passovered haiku

they worked hard for friends

I can envy their invites

I sometimes show up

et cetera