Jyojo Dancer

{October 31, 2012}   last days of boo haiku

take away little piece

my room has patience for me

finding my support


{October 29, 2012}   haiku poor you

on the verge of sad

my little doings don’t work

proud thoughts elude me

{October 25, 2012}   Haiku Tonight

Happy to be hills

while creativity climbs

I share energy

{October 23, 2012}   Hi koo

hello there haiku

some things are fine some not so much

please write me back soon

{October 22, 2012}   ‘stil haiku

taboo against touch

jealous of cancer, fleeting

picture future days

{October 19, 2012}   Boo Haiku

squash pie on my mind

carving out more female space

craving energy

{October 18, 2012}   Haiku haiku

I put myself there

in this box my life is small

day of the binder

{October 17, 2012}   haiku achoo

angry bird flutters

love lives between you and I

old habits die hard

{October 16, 2012}   still haiku

illness pushing out

what am I without dragons

water in forms soothes

{October 11, 2012}   a haiku, I knew

I am a cat today

Not  much for me to say

resting on the bed

et cetera