Jyojo Dancer

{December 13, 2011}  

two year old doing what she love to do


{December 9, 2011}   Deep breath

Interesting that I had was felt like a big dream last night, and today, I am back to digging through to find this blog again.  I also finished my group work class at Pima Community College.  I feel strange, good, aware on a very specific level which I can’t put my finger on just yet, also kinda out of it and loopy and zoned out.  I sit up straight to keep myself awake.  Going out with Eric while he studies at the coffeeXchange helps.  I feel good to have completed the class and learned a bit about using the schools resources and things.  I want to commit to living a more complete life… and one way that I can get a feel for this is by reading, observing, writing about and speaking about something.  Instead of just dabbling, reading bit of books, articles and internet squish news.  Right now I am enjoying reading a bit of Chomsky from a book Global Values 101.  I’ll let you know what I think.

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